Savage Vape Shot CBD Additive for Vape Juice

Savage Vape Shot
Vape Shot CBD vape additive by Savage CBD can be used with your favorite e-liquid to make it a super powered CBD vape juice. Vape Shot is a max strength CBD vape additive. Vape Shot is a carefully crafted CBD vape juice additive that works with all types of vape devices so there is no need to buy special hardware. Vape Shot CBD additive is available in 1000mg dosages in 30ml bottles at the lowest price online.

1mL = 33mg of CBD

List Price: $59.99
Our Discount Price: $39.99
Savings: $20

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Peach Utopia CBD Vape Juice | Peach Pineapple CBD Eliquid

Peach Utopia CBD Vape Juice

Relax with the taste of an idealized world of tasty fruit flavor with every puff of our Peach Utopia CBD Vape Juice. Unwind with the deliciously ideal blend of ripe pineapple and fresh juicy peaches in a wonderfully bright and tasty fruit combination along with our 99% pure CBD isolate. Take some time for yourself and lounge on this tranquil cloud of sweet, refreshing fruit nectar with a generous amount of premium CBD blended inside every taste.

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Lounge Cherry CBD Vape Juice | Fruity CBD Eliquid

Lounge Cherry CBD Vape Juice

Take a pull of ripe cherry flavor in every tasty cloud of this deliciously authentic fruit flavored vape juice blended with our incredible 99% pure CBD isolate for the best sweet cherry vape flavor. Pull the ripest fruit from the tree with every puff of this rich cherry flavored vape with the added bonus of mature plant-derived CBD.

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Island Dream CBD Vape Juice | Pineapple Coconut Melon CBD Eliquid

Island Dream CBD Vape Juice

This blend of pineapple, coconut and melon with an overwhelmingly sweet rich notes of whipped cream will transport you to a distant beach paradise with every puff. Take a taste of ripe, juicy pineapple and coconut flavor with creamy and sweet notes to uncover why this vape juice is so delicious. It’s no mystery how this popular drink became so popular and we’ve brought this sensational taste combination to an outrageous CBD vape juice blend.

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